Monday, August 1, 2016

Deruta Candles to debut in August

Introducing Artistica's exclusive DERUTA CANDLES
We are launching an exclusive, first-of-its-kind line of luxury ceramic candles, handmade and hand-painted in the Umbrian hill town of Deruta, Italy.

Branded “Deruta Candles” they will be available beginning Aug. 1, 2016 at and we will be presenting the collection to the wholesale market at the upcoming edition of NY NOW, which runs Aug. 20-24 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City.
As you know we have spent years designing and importing Italian lifestyle decorative goods but more recently, upon researching the candle holder idea, we were surprised to find he had stumbled upon a niche - no one else had yet developed an Italian premium ceramic candle for the mass market!
We have been working on this idea for over one year and managed to keep it under wraps - even from my own Italian suppliers... they were making these ‘cups’ without knowing what they were for.
We have reconfigured part of his Illinois warehouse to set up a candle-pouring operation.

Each one-of-a-kind candle is gift-boxed in a custom and very elegant tube box and comes with a seal and certificate of authenticity. The collectible ceramic holders, which average 4.25 inches in height and 3.25 inches in diameter, are filled with 14 ounces of custom-blended “Scents of Italy” in Eco-friendly, non-toxic soy wax blended with natural botanical oils.

Once the 70+ hour candle life has extinguished, the holder may be refilled with one of Artistica’s custom made soy refills, or used as a tumbler, cup or vase.

Scents include: Positano Lemon, Venetian Lavender, Milano Vanilla, Alps Wild Berries, Sicilian Orange, Capri Gardenia, Tuscan Harvest and Natale Blue Spruce.

Holder styles feature bell-shape and flared “Contempo” cups, wood-lidded jars, frosted glass cups with ceramic bases, and 18K gold-trimmed rims.

Retail prices range from $68 for a small lidded pot to $128 for a gold-trimmed jar.

Artistica’s full range of product may be viewed at In addition, you can visit our dedicated candles web site

Although our Deruta Candles collection has already reached 48 SKU's, we are planning adding new products in this category on regular basis, so check back with us soon...

Thank you Marco and Alice Margaritelli

Monday, August 17, 2015

Italian Festival August 2015 - Visit Italy In Your Own Backyard

Visit Italy In Your Own Backyard
By Filomena Federici
            August is amazing weather and there are festivals throughout the United States that take advantage of that great weather. Take the time before school starts and the weather turns colder to go out and enjoy some great music, fantastic food, and amazing people.

Insley, AL – Our Lady Of Blazo: 205-788-5721
Elk Grove, CA – Fine Arts Festival of Elk Grove:
Oakland, CA – Temescal Street Festival and Festa Italiana
Sacramento, CA – Festa Italiana –
San Francisco, CA – San Francisco Festa Coloniale Italiana – 415-781-0155 –
San Jose, CA – Italian American Family Festival –
San Pedro, CA – St. John Joseph: 310-833-3541
San Pedro, CA – St. Rosalia: 310-833-3541
Denver, CO – Feast of St. Rocco – 303-455-0447
Ansonia, CT – Italian Festa – 203-735-1787
Greenwich, CT – St. Rocco – 203-869-4176
North Haven, CT – Italian Festival of Angels –       
Stratford, CT – Italian Picnic
Waterbury, CT – San Donato Festa – 203-574-5903
Waterbury, CT – St. Lucy – 203-574-5903
Addison, IL – West Suburban Festa Italiana:
Chicago Heights, IL – Feast of St. Lorenzo:
Chicago, IL – Chicago Festa Italiana:
Chicago, IL – Festa di Tutti / Santi – 312-421-3757
Rockford, IL – Festa Italiana
Stone Park, IL – Feast of St. Francesco di Paola
Stone Park, IL – Italian Day Picnic
 Peoria, Hickory Grove Park, IL - Annual Summer Festa Picnic: August -
Louisville, KY - Festa Italiana: August -
Boston, MA - Fisherman's Feast (Madonna del Soccorco di Sciacca): August -
Boston, MA - Saint Anthony's Feast: August -
Malden, MA - St. Rocco Feast Society: August
Boston, MA – Madonna Della Cava Festival
Portland, ME – Feast of Assumption & St. Rocco’s Street Bazaar
Baltimore, MD - Feast of San Gabriel: August -
Grand Rapids, MI – Festa Italiana
Jersey City, NJ - La Festa Italiana: August
Bayonne, NJ – Italian Carnival
Oakhurst, NJ – Italian American Festival
New Hyde Park, NY – Annual Italian Festival
Glen Cove, NY – Tomato Festival
Glen Clove, NY – Feast of St. Rocco
Mechanicville, NY – Feast of the Assumption
New Hyde Park, NY – Long Island Italian Festival
Portland, OR - Festa Italiana: August
Cleveland, OH – Little Italy Feast of the Assumption
Warren, OH – Warren Italian Festival
Bristol, PA – Lions Italian Festival Day
Dunmore, PA – Italian Festival
Erie, PA – St. Paul’s Church Italian Festival
Erie, PA – St. Paul’s Festival of the Assumption
Norristown, PA – Santissimo Salvatore di Montella Festival
Aliquippa, PA - Festa di San Rocco: August -
Ligonier, PA – Italian Day Festa – August -

Check every month to see what festivals are happening in your area!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Visit Italy In Your Own Backyard

Visit Italy In Your Own Backyard
By Filomena Federici
            My father was born in San Fele, Italy and he always talked about going back and sharing where he grew up with his children and wife. However, we had to settle with learning about San Fele through pictures, food, stories and festivals. For many people in America especially Italian American communities’ festival time can be almost better than Christmas. Despite a common misperception New York and Boston are not the only areas that have a large Italian community. In fact, Iron Mountain, MI is not only the home to formers 49ers coach Steve Mariucci but also home to an amazing little Italian festival every August.
As July rolls in there are plenty of Fourth of July festivals but as you can see there are also many wonderful festivals geared towards everything Italy.  Take time out to enjoy the summer weather and an Italian festival with your family.

Los Angeles – Our Lady of Mt. Carmel: held in July – 323-224-8119
San Diego – San Diego Italian Film Festival, Italian Film Festival: Monthly:
Santa Monica – Festa Italian: July – 310 -535-2416
St. Helena – Festa Italiana: July –

Denver – Our Lady of Mt. Carmel: July – 303-455-0447

Enfield – Our Lady of Mt. Carmel: July –
Waterbury - Lady of Mount Carmel Festival: July -
Westport - Festival Italiano: July
Melrose Park - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Festival: July

Boston - Madonna del Grazie: July
Worcester - Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel: July

Sterling Heights - Italian Festival: July

Chisolm - Festa Italiana: July

New York
Bronx - St. Anthony Feast: July
Bronx - Mount Carmel Feast: July
Glen Clove - Feast of St. Rocco: July to August
Oyster Bay - St. Rocco Festival: July
Valhalla - Italian Festival: July

Cleveland - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Festival: July
Lowellville - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Festa: July
Niles - Italian American Festival: July

Erie - Mazzini Civic Association Italian American Picnic: July
Norristown - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Festival: July

Rhode Island
Westerly - Mount Carmel Feast: July

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Introducing the first and only Ricco Deruta roller ball ceramic pen!

From an old idea and a long project development here the first Deruta style pen from our new division Art-Pen. A true exclusive item, fully designed by our very own Artistica team and the very first Ricco Deruta Porcelain-Ceramic pen ever!

We have opted to begin with a classic Roller Ball pen but beautiful Fountain Pens are on their way along with a sister pen in another Deruta's classic: Raffaellesco design.

Our new Ricco Deruta roller ball pen feature a sophisticated and elegant European design created and exclusively manufactured by Artistica in the traditional Deruta vibrant colors that shimmer in your hand.
A robust and high quality pen made of ceramic and metal with a thin 0.5 mm roller ball for a smooth writing performance.
Featuring a sensitive built-in spring action, that offers a responsive touch tip for a uniquely comfortable writing.

Here below the most important characteristics of this pen:

● Perfectly fitted click-off cap.
● Sturdy ceramic porcelain body.
● Fired silk screened design with a lifetime guaranteed.
● Long lasting replaceable ink refill cartridge 4.39'' length (110.6 mm).
● Lifetime warranty included against any type of damage, body or mechanical.
● High quality components assembled with uncompromising craftsmanship.
● Lustrous chrome plated gripping section incised with a crisscross subtle line pattern for a secure and firm hold.
● Original Artistica Roller-ball ink refills available here below, in 0.5mm fine point and 0.7 mm medium point or use your favorite branded refill as the pen accept any standard 110.6 mm refills.
● Measurements. Total length: 5.5'' (142 mm) – Body: 1/2'' Diameter (13 mm) – Weight: 1.5 Oz.
● Sold with draw string black velvet pouch. Optional leatherette case available here below.

CLICK HERE For additional information, pictures and option to purchase use below link.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

We are on the news...

Here a nice article featuring us and our Artistica store in Winnetka, IL...Read it from source...

Artistica owners are partners in business – and in life

It was a match made in merchandise heaven – well, more accurately, the Merchandise Mart.
          Marco Margaritelli, creator of Artistica, had a brand _ and Alice Ardam, an account executive in sales, wanted to open a store. During an event at the downtown trade center, they found each other a partner in business – and in life.

          "It was like 'Veni, vidi, vici' – I came, I saw, I conquered," laughed Margaritelli.

          Thus was the beginning of Artistica Italian Gallery – with a marriage to follow.

          Upon entering the ceramic shop in Winnetka's Hubbard Woods Design District, one is greeted with a steaming cup of espresso coffee and an assortment of Italian candies and chocolates with a backdrop of Italian music. The personable duo chats away about their history before even a mention of sales. However, it's hard not to inquire about the reproductions of Renaissance pottery.

          Artistica, Inc. – started in Miami in 1990 – is a leader in high-end Italian majolica, or tin-glazed pottery. Margaritelli's birthplace, Deruta, is known throughout the world for its ceramics, so it was an obvious business choice of Margaritelli to sell what he was most familiar with. The brand expanded into B2B wholesale with show-rooms in Las Vegas, Altanta and High Point, N.C. Artistica is now the largest wholesale importer of majolica wares in the country.

          Artistica's museum-quality pieces can be found in famous hotels such as Bellagio, Mirage and Treasure Island in Las Vegas.

Gianni Versace chose Artistica's "Orcio" urns to decorate the patio and pool area of his South Beach home. TV shows on E!, Bravo, the Food Channel and ABC have also featured its products.

          "We're surrounded by beauty - the merchandise sell itself," Margaritelli said.
          The collection of more than 2,000 pieces comes from all over Italy: Amalfi, Abruzzi, Sicily and villages around Umbria and Tuscany, but the majority comes from the hilltop village of Deruta. The products, all molded and painted by hand, include, dinnerware, tableware and gifts items. Parmesan bowls, biscotti jars, Limoncello sets and gelato cups can infuse a room with Italian flair.

          Last month, Ardam introduced black and white contemporary to appeal to the younger clientele.

          "The business just keeps growing, and we keep buying new things," said Ardam, "but our goal is to stay traditional."

          The Margaritellis make annual business trips to Deruta and various Italian villages to meet with artisans and help with the design process. The Italian workshops value their suggestions, which are bases off the requests of the ceramics market. They direct them on shapes and colors, but Artistica never strays far from 15th - and 16th – century patterns.

          "We want people to feel the warmth of the product," said Margaritelli, "and also know that it's sold exclusively in our store, by real people – a husband-and-wife team."

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Introducing the first collections of our Artistica NEW "Contempo" division.

Usually a new year at Artistica means the debut of new products and collections, but 2014 is turning out even more special than that! This year you’ll not only see new products, but also the addition of a completely new division. This new division, called CONTEMPO, features a wonderful assortment of exclusive and trendy new designs. These new contemporary-style ceramics are still made using our trademark traditional handcrafting and hand painting.

Among the new collections are Pop, Imperial, and Nerone  - all depicting different styles of foliage designs using striking black and white line art. Our artisans in Deruta, Italy masterfully hand painted these new collections on contemporary-shaped bisque vessels.

Another special new addition is the Gaudi' collection. Expertly hand-painted in Tuscany using traditional Tuscan earth tones in a surprising abstract design, this collection is inspired by the style of the Spanish architect, Gaudi. The design features the unique interlacing of hand-painted curvilinear shapes in a burst of saturated colors. This meticulously arranged design is trimmed with a modern black and white checkered pattern. No space is left unpainted on the Gaudi' canisters and vases, with each piece fully decorated on all sides.

Be sure to check out the unique Gaudi' collection, and then get ready for additional Gaudi' pieces in spring 2014!

Right now we have introduced just a few new collections, with many more scheduled to debut throughout this year and in coming years.

While we are excited to bring you these new collections, obviously our commitment to traditional Italian Tuscan Old World Majolica will remain. We felt that by adding these new collections we could provide our distinctive customers with even more variety while maintaining the handcrafted quality you’ve come to expect from us.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Looking for a Unique Gift? Try Shopping in Winnetka!

A beautiful article written by Margaret Goss of Winnetka, IL about selected stores here in the gorgeous Hubbard Woods Design District...

Click HERE to read it...