Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome Spring

Spring is finally here???
The temperature in Winnetka, Illinois [just north of Chicago] is 70 degrees, 2 days in a row... Makes me feel like getting outside and preparing my patio and garden for the warm seasons ahead. 
I've attached our selection of beautiful planters for you to explore.
The warm Tuscan colors will only enhance the beauty of what you plant in them. We have sizes to fit a large indoor or outdoor tree, down to the most petite orchid.
You can also leave them outdoors all four seasons down to 20 degrees below zero... The opening needs to be covered to keep rain and snow from collecting inside.  Enough about cold weather.

There are several shapes that I think you will enjoy.  After the blooming summer plants fade and the holidays are over, I like to fill my collection of planters with green plants and orchids and put in rooms all over the house to make the rooms come alive with shades of green til they can move outdoors and the cycle begins for a couple of weeks, headed south.

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