Friday, April 6, 2012

Been Away Too Long...

I'm back after spending a few weeks in South Carolina and Florida...only to find that Winnetka was warmer than both....arriving home to find green grass and trees blooming like they do in mid-May.

With the holiday this weekend, I"m thinking what makes an ordinary table great???  The center piece. I've attached our collection for you to enjoy.  My favorites are any that are footed.  They add an elegance to the table and can be filled with fruits, vegatables, or flowers.  Many are decorated inside and need nothing to make them a table-top knockout. I also like to add candle stixs, fabrics, and metals to make an impactful theme.

You can also use our centerpiecs on kitchen islands  mixed with larger overscaled piece, like our large ceramic candle sticks or large wrought iron candlesicks for a more rustic look. Depending on the island size I like to do larger items like urns filled with greens and our trays.

Have a spring celebration Happy Easter and Passover to all. Frank

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